DigitalNote (XDN)

DigitalNote (XDN) is a cryptocurrency, a kind of decentralized digital money, like Bitcoin. It is based on CryptoNote anonymous technology and updated with unique untraceable encrypted messaging system and blockchain based deposits. Nobody owns or controls DigitalNote, it uses peer-to-peer technology and fair ASIC-resistant PoW mining process to operate with no central authority.
DigitalNote provides instant worldwide privacy protected transactions and untraceable encrypted messaging transfers with almost zero processing fees in decentralized peer-to-peer users network. Mathematics secures the XDN network and empowers individuals to control their own finances and information. Your private key is your bank account, with no censorship and surveillance. Freedom exist.

DigitalNote Resources:

Website: digitalnote.org

Industry: Privacy

Symbol: XDN

Total Supply: 6,899,317,606 XDN
Source Code: visit GitHub
Blockchain Explorer: visit ChainRadar
Mining Pools: MinerGate
Exchanges: HitBTC | Bittrex | Upbit

Wallet: Windows 32 | Windows 64 | Mac | Linux

Whitepaper: view

Social Links: Facebook | Twitter | Reddit | Telegram

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